American Painter SYBIL HILL has sold well over 400 paintings in the past eight years, her Art finding its way into the Homes of Collectors and Galleries Nationwide, from the East to the West Coast and several Overseas. The American Legion donates weathered and worn American flags to Ms. Hill, which she often uses these in her paintings, preserving the American spirit in her own way.
Flags and Horses are reoccurring themes in Hill’s work and she paints them in a variety of motion and style, often painting them over her personal found collection of vintage fabrics, rice papers, newspaper articles, music sheets, maps and writing her own poetry throughout. “The Horse is a metaphor for Beauty, Freedom, Mystical thoughts… a timeless force of our own human spirit.

Her journey as an artist started early in life. As a child, she felt a strong pull towards the arts and enjoyed a great deal of time with her family visiting the many galleries and museums in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and on the east coast. She enjoys the influence of great artists, painters, musicians, dancers and composers. Early in her career, she gravitated towards the post-impressionist painters like Van Gogh and Seurat and later to the abstract expressionism of Rauschenberg and Pollock. Fortunate enough to have both parents with gifted, artistic abilities created an upbringing of artistic value and respect. Her father’s home studio enabled her to watch, learn and paint with him. Today, his continued guidance helps her on her own artistic journey.

Hill describes her background and training as the classic “school of life” well-traveled with a diverse background in the Fashion Industry and Art World. “And now, what I consider most joyful being a mother and artist.”

Living with gratitude among the majestic mountains of Colorado offers her a clarity of creative ideas that come through both intuitively and collectively. “With each client and painting is anew to connect with purpose, sending healing energy, through hidden messages, symbols and colors within the subject of the horse.”

Hill considers her artistic talent a gift of receiving and giving back and remains committed to donating and supporting causes/charities she feels connected too, along with the daily commitments that come with the growing business from both the Galleries and Collectors.


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